Adjustment of your home altitude

The reason why the adjusted altitude can vary is that altitude is measured barometrically. A change in the weather can produce irregularities even though the altimeter is not moved. For this reason we provide home altitude which can be easily recalled before starting your next bike trip. With the solution of home altitude your bike can be calibrated in the most efficient way.

Home altitude is adjusted in the same way you adjust the current altitude. Adjustment of your current altitude (see 1-5). But regard to chose „HOME“ instead of „CURR“ when you are saving.

To access home altitude before starting a bike trip:

  1. Enter the altitude menu by pressing the lower button (the current altitude will be displayed in the lower display line).
  2. Press the upper button and hold it for 2-3 seconds until your saved home altitude and "HOME" are displayed.
  3. Confirm your change request by pressing the middle button. Your home altitude will be resumed as your current altitude.
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