For a certain period (for example when on holiday without pc) I would like to keep all data in the memory of the cyclometer. Will my collected data still be saved when I reset the cyclometer? What can I reset and what should I avoid to do?

The MACRO has two memories: One tour memory and one recording memory.

The tour memory will be started automatically with every tour. It calculates statistic data which is shown on the display (e.g.: km, time, max. heart rate). This information can not be downloaded and will be deleted by resetting the MACRO.

For resetting press the lowest button for 4 seconds or alternatively start the stopwatch.

The second memory, the recording memory, records the training session from the moment when the user wants it to start. Depending on the chosen recording time interval, every 5, 10 or 20 seconds, the entire data (speed, heart rate, etc.) will be saved in the recording memory. Afterwards it can be downloaded and analysed by MACROpc and the SAS-training software.

For starting the recording memory you will have to start the stopwatch. Downloadable training data will only be recorded when the stopwatch is running,

Starting the stopwatch: 4. Why isn’t there any data saved on the MACRO after a bike tour?

General questions about the recording memory: 6. How many data sets can be saved on the MACRO without downloading them to the pc (for example when being on holiday without pc)?

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