I cannot read the macro with the trainingLab software neither configure it.

To connect the macro with your pc, please connect the USB cable of macropc with a free USB port of your computer.

To configure the macro with the trainingLab software or download recorded data, it is important to ensure, that the display shows “PC LINK?” during all downloading or configuration processes. To download the data confirm the dialogue box “transfer settings” or “import device”.

Please note, that after 2 minutes without any activity the macro turns into “sleep-mode” – now you can read “TIMEOUT” on the display.

In this case the connection between device and computer is interrupted.

If this occurs, please remove the macro from the macropc and directly plug in again. Thereby the device will “wake up” and “PC Link?” will be displayed again so the connection to the trainingLab software has been restored. Now data can be read out or downloaded as by your demand.   

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2012-11-30 09:46
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