How do I download existing gpx tracks to the NaviControlCenter?

We do offer this function since February 2011. Please download the new update of the NaviControlCenter from our homepage.

How to import GPS Tracks:

Open the NaviConrtolCenter and click on the tab “track”, then at the left button GPS “Import”.  After the track is imported to our software the route has to be “rescheduled”. The planning of the route (based on the GPS track) via the magic wand is done in a matter of seconds. So there is nothing else to do than clicking on the magic wand (in the middle of the bottom) and the necessary waypoints will be computed automatically.

Now you can see the route by clicking on the tab "Route plan" and the track is ready to get uploaded to the Navi2move.   

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2013-10-23 11:39
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