My device has no reception, what can I do?

  • If there is no GPS signal, your navi2coach still has to search a satellite. This works best when the device is kept motionless and positioned in the open. This implies: it takes longer to receive a signal if you are situated in a street canoyn than on an open place or on a field. If you are positioned in a street canyon and want to accelerate the satellite search, try to position yourself at a place where there are less high buildings. 
  • If the device is fixed to a bike, please avoid to touch it with your hands as you may cover the antenna which may delay the satellite search. 
  • Under menu item Navigation -> GPS Position the signal strength is displayed. If the value is below 37, it may take some minutes until a GPS signal is found (acquiring a satellite needs a better signal strength than tracking a satellite).

Hint: Depending on your surrounding, the satellite search may take some minutes. 

TIP: To be sure to have GPS reception when you start your tour, turn the device on and put it on a window sill while you're preparing yourself for the bike.

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