How do I use the listen2your♥ function of the coachsmart LEV?

The listen2your♥ function allows you to automatically regulate the support of your e-bike - depending on your heart rate and your performance.

The function uses the three already existing support levels and switches between them depending on the situation.


  • Coachsmart LEV listen2your♥ Bundle incl. ANT+ heart rate belt
  • E-Bike with ANT+ LEV profile (e.g. Specialized Turbo Levo & Kenevo)

Getting started:

  • Switch on the e-bike when starting up for the first time.
  • Insert the battery into the heart rate belt, slightly moisten the electrodes of the heart rate belt and position the sensor centrally over the breastbone.
  • Switch on the Coachsmart LEV and press the small button on the back with a suitable object, such as a pen.
  • The coachsmart LEV pairs now with the E-Bike and the heart rate belt.


  • The coachsmart LEV starts automatically with the heart rate display.
  • By pressing the middle button for a long time, you get to the setting of the target heart rate (default setting: 120) and set it to your individual target heart rate.
  • Use the arrow keys on the coachsmart LEV to select between the different modes
  • The modes are arranged as follows: A1 -> A2 -> A3 -> L0 -> L1 -> L2 -> L3
  • The support levels L1 - L3 are already known and are to the right of the 0
  • To the left of support level L0 (no support) lie the 3 new levels of automatic mode
  • A2 is the middle automatic mode, which automatically adjusts the power to the set target heart rate.
  • You can simply move the automatic control range up and down by 15 strokes/minute while driving.
  • A1 regulates the power so that the heart rate is 15 beats above the set heart rate, so you get a lot of power later.
  • A3 adjusts the power so that the heart rate is 15 beats below the set heart rate, so you get a lot of power sooner.
  • The performance increases across all settings from left to right
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