What does it mean when E 000/ E 001/ E 002/ E 003/ E 004 appears on the display?

Usually the Coachsmart LEV does not show a field with an Error Code. The field only becomes visible if the e-bike has an error.

The error codes have the following meaning:

E 000 - no error
E 001 - BATtery error (temporary)
E 002 - DRIvetrain error
E 003 - BATtery error (End of Life) - in this case, you should contact your supplier and exchange the battery
E 004 - HOT  - the drive unit is overheating

E.g. in case of a temporary drive train error the display shows the numeric eror code "E 002" alternating with "E dri". When the error condition is resolved the field shows E 000 again.

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2018-05-22 11:22
Eliska Mastrakova
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