What can I do when coachsmart has disconnected from my training devices?

Whilst training in stand-alone mode (i.e. without smartphone) coachsmart will automatically and regularly check for active ANT+ devices. So in the unlikely case of an interrupted connection, coachsmart should re-connect after not more than 25 seconds.

Another option to re-connect ANT+ devices: a new pairing. Keep a distance of at least 40 meters to other's ANT+ devices. Activate your ANT+ devices. Press the reset-button on the back of your coachsmart (a small tool is helpful).

Bluetooth Low Energy is always active. If you switch on your iPhone or other Bluetooth-devices (e.g. Polar devices) they will connect instantly. Despite the permanent scanning for sensors we promise a minimum (!) battery running-time of 300 hours on your bike.

Whilst training in mirror mode (i.e. with your smartphone) the auto-check is also active provided that (obligatory!) you have connected the active sensors via you o-synce mobile app. 

The menu goes: settings > bike setup > choose bike > smart screen > connect smart screen

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2018-08-08 12:40
Lennart Quecke
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