Adjustment of your current altitude

  1. Enter the menu for adjustment of altitude.
  2. By pressing the upper or lower button you chose if you are situated below 0 meters (-) or above 0 meters (+).
  3. Confirm your adjustment by pressing the middle button.
  4. Now enter your actual altitude by pressing the upper or lower button. Confirm with the middle button.
  5. In the following dialogue SAVE „HOME“ or „CURR“ you may configure what will be displayed: the current altitude (CURR) or the saved home atitude (HOME). For chosing the current altitude select "CURR" and confirm your choice with the middle button. 
  6. In the next dialogue you may configure (either for bike 1 or bike 2) how many meters of altitude you have already scaled over the past years. This data is just meant for your personal statistics. You can follow the difference in altitude you have scaled within your years of training. 
  7. Chose for example bike 1. In the following dialogue T+ you enter the entire meters of altitude you have ascented.
  8. In the dialogue T- you enter the meters you have descended.
  9. You can adopt these adjustments (6.-8.) analogously to bike 2.

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