Why isn’t there any data saved on the MACRO after a bike tour?

For saving the statistic data in the MACRO’s memory, a recording has to be started by the user. To start the recording, please start the stopwatch.

  1. Access the lowest menu line by pressing the lowest button until you enter the adequate menu.
  2.  You will easily recognise the stopwatch menu because “STP” will be displayed.  Depending on your configuration, you will also find L1, D1, or T1 displayed.
  3. Start the stopwatch by pressing the upper button for 2 seconds. The stopwatch will start running and “STP” will start blinking. 
  4. After the training you stop the recording by entering the stopwatch menu and pressing the upper button for 2-3 seconds again. The stopwatch should stop now.
  5. Now you may download the data with the MACROpc interface and our free training software which can be downloaded at our website.

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