The connection between the USEE/coachsmart and apps like Naviki or o-synce mobile is faulty. What can I do?

USEE/coachsmart shows, despite purchased navigation instructions, no turning instructions of the Naviki App? The o-synce mobile app does not record sensor data?

Problems like this can occur if the USEE/coachsmart is paired directly within the operating system.

To solve the problem, the USEE/coachsmart on Android must be removed in the Bluetooth settings. Afterwards, the smartphone must be switched off and then switched on again. Pairing with the USEE/coachsmart is no longer done via the Bluetooth menu of the operating system, but directly via the settings menu of the respective app.



Naviki: Settings -> Smart Bike System -> Smart Display

o-synce mobile: Edit bike profile -> Sensors -> Coachsmart

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2021-10-07 17:15
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