How to generate a track with manual navigation arrows?

The free online platform allows you to create your own track and integrate the navigation arrows as waypoints manually into the track.

manual arrows

  1. Click on the tab „track creator“ to generate your own route
  2. Type in your start location and click on “go”
  3. To place your starting point, click with your mouse on the point, where you want to start your route
  4. Select “Follow roads” at settings
  5. Set your destination point
    5.1  To affect your route guidance, set the track points, where you want to go along. Don’t forget to click on “Follow roads”
    5.2   To delete a track point, just simply click on the track point again.
  6. To generate manual navigation arrows (waypoints), click on “Waypoints” in the setting menu
  7. Set your waypoints at the crossroads/ landmarks, where your navi2coach shall show you the navigation arrows
  8. Select the turning instruction (there will be more turning instructions soon) in the window, that now opens
  9. After setting your waypoints choose “Track and Waypoint” à o-synce track and click on the button “download”

manual arrows


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