Devices (Macro x & high x) are freezing/sensors are lost (and sensors in relation)

Does this problems appears after a car or train transportation?

NOTE: macro x and high x have an automatic “sensor searching feature” which starts searching once the macro is on the holder and gets a vibration. This means that during transportation in car or train with the head unit on the holder, macro x & high x will constantly search for sensors, which he usually does not find as the bike is not moving.

The problem is that the searching process is consuming a lot of energy. It means that the battery is suffering a lot if the head unit is staying for a long time in the searching cycle, which may lead to a freezing of the head unit once the critical voltage of 2.7 volts is reached.

Problem solving:
a) For now: Change the battery or reset the device. That might help.
b) In future: During transportation remove the macro x & high x from the holder.
Last update:
2011-10-26 16:40
o-synce support team
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