How do I pair my sensors to MACRO X (high X)?

Once you switched on your MACRO X (high X) by simply pushing a button, just follow the next steps:

  1. Chose the bike profile which you want to pair with the sensors (10. How to switch from bike 1 to bike 2?)
  2. Activate the sensors by passing the loadstone by the sensors (you will hear a slight “click”) or just put on your heart belt.
  3. Press the upper and the central button for 2-3 seconds at the same time. The display now asks you to “Pair?”
  4. Confirm by pressing the central button. Pairing begins now. Every time a sensor has been found, “XYZ Paired” will be displayed.

SPD Paired (Speed sensor was found)

CAD Paired (Cadence sensor was found)

HRT Paired (Heart rate sensor was found)

PWR Paired (Power measuring device was found)

If you wish to use two bikes, you have to perform the pairing for both bike profiles separately. Be sure only the sensors of the bike you want to pair are in range or active. The transfer range of a digital ANT+ sensor can reach up to 4 meters.

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