How to update the firmware of my navi2coach?

WARNING! Before updating your device firmware charge your navi2coach for minimum 30min. Also do not remove the battery during the update process, as this might disable your device.

  1. Please download the following update files:
  2. Unzip the update files. You will find two files: n2c_b.osy and n2c_fw.osy
  3. Connect your navi2coach to your PC or MAC
  4. Copy the two update files into the root directory of your navi2coach. Windows will display navi2coach as a “removable disk” without specific name while MAC will show a removable disk called “navi2coach”. IMPORTANT! You need to copy the files into the root directory and not into one of the directories like “Activities” or “Settings”
  5. Please wait till all files haven been copied. This might take up to 30 seconds.
  6. Once the files haven been copied, disconnect navi2coach from your PC or MAC. The update process will start immediately. During update the device might restart up to two times. Do not push any buttons till the main menu is displayed.

The latest firmware change log can be found here.

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