How does the navigation with coachsmart LEV work?

A global turn-by-turn navigation works in connection with the Naviki app. This app can be downloaded free of charge for IOS users in the App Store as well as for Android users in the Google Play Store. In order to be able to see the navigation hints on the coachsmart LEV, you just have to buy this option in the app. The navigation hints cost € 3.79 for Android and € 3.99 for IOS. The navigation hints can be found in the app under "Extras" -> "Navigation hints".

To connect the coachsmart LEV to the app, go to "Settings" in the Naviki app, then to "Smart Bike System" and then to "coach display". The device coachsmart LEV appears after a short search on the display of your smartphone. For a few seconds, the word "APP" is displayed on the coachsmart LEV. This is a sign that the app is connected to the device.

There is the possibility to use online navigation as well as offline navigation. For online navigation, your smartphone needs Internet connection to plan and to estimate the route; for offline navigation, the app does not require an internet connection. In that case, you will need to download the offline maps. This offers Naviki from 4,79 €. You'll find the offline maps in the app under "Extras" -> "Offline Maps".

Naviki also offers many other ways of navigating for cyclists, such as MTB route planning, road bike route planning etc. If you want to know more, just download the app or visit the website

Note! If the navigation is enabled on your coachsmart LEV, you cannot switch between different display modes with the middle button. In this case, you can only see the navigation hints (and the current speed) on the display. The left and right button remain untouched in their functionality. Of course, you can still use these buttons to switch the support levels of the engine.

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