Precise to the top form! With proven methods of training you are prepared to plan for the best moments of the year. The online platform uses a large amount of data to calculate the correct stimulus density of your season goal.

The optimum

The most intelligent thing for your training are quality kilometers - which are efficient and improve your athletic form based on your time budget. Training should therefore be based on a solid training schedule and good framework. Getting to the point: planning the training is just time management for athletes.

The program

Inside the training data and experiences of 2.4 million training schedules are bundled. The program now exists in its fourth version and is a constantly evolving learning algorithm that responds strategically like a chess computer to internal and external influences. helps you to always stay concentrated on your goals. It keeps you focused on the big day you want to be fit. Athleticism, endurance, strength, speed as well as the natural fun of doing sports are immensely increased.

The training plan simplifies the proper preparation for your season goal – no matter if it is a marathon, an Olympic Ironman or a sprint bike race. Every athlete will receive the appropriate design of his training. Performance is increasing specifically by the change of unloading and loading power. This principle applies to each horizon and it’s rhythm works as a periodization. Increasing cycles within training session, intervals and training sets have the most impact. In general: training is to weaken the body! Use the natural rhythms and adjustments that are provided by and process your training stimulus - by regeneration.

Amateur or professional athlete

The principles mentioned above apply to amateur athletes alike as professionals. A professional starts faster and recovers in less time but he essential difference between amateur athletes and elite athletes is just the density of stimulus (= training unit per time). All of that makes it necessary to create an individual plan which is just to be understood as a form of unique time management.

The person behind

Munich-based Georg Ladig is a competetive athlete, mathematician, software engineer and sports teacher. He designed the TOUR training plan for 13 years and is a co-founder of the training provider "2peak". Georg achieved victories in many international competitions and is currently carrying a university teaching position at the University of Munich.



Georg Ladig is constantly improving his algorithm of alternating activity and regeneration. The possibilities to adapt his plan to external circumstances (such as the weather) are permanently refined and modernized. With the widely spread server architecture of his highlyadvanced system the calculating system speed reaches up to 0,004 seconds per training schedule.