Update of navi2move firmware

Current update - v5.0 (23.06.2011)

a. Avoiding display freezing of device
b. Jumping mouse cursor problem solved
c. Change of turning range selection to 5m, 10m, 20m, 30m, 50m solved

Download: navi2move firmware updater

To update the firmware your PC has to be connected to the internet, as the firmware updater downloads automatically the latest firmware from the internet. It is important that the NaviControlCenter and the device driver have been installed on the PC before launching an update.

IMPORTANT - Take care that you never cancel the update process before it has been finished. Therefore it is important to close all active programs and to take care that the powersupply is stable. Avoid to connect any other USB-Device during the update. Under no circumstances connect a second navi2move.

1. Download the Firmware updater.

2. Connect the navi2move to the PC.

3. If you have trouble with the "jumping mouse problem", please connect the navi2move several times until the mouse behaves in the regular way.

4. Open the firmware updater

5. During the first step the firmware updater checks if the navi2move is connected. "-> AUTOSEARCH FOR NAVI2MOVE DEVICE  [OK]"


6. Then the new update is downloaded and verified:


7. Now start the update by clicking the "Update navi2Move" button.

8. In the navi2move picture you may see the progress of the update.

9. When the navi2move is updated, the following message will be displayed: "NAVII2MOVE HAS BEEN UPDATED"