Super simple to operate

Just three buttons do all the functions.

Mirror Mode

coachsmart will synchronize and mirror all the functions of your smartphone.

Bridge Mode

coachsmart transfers data to all Bluetooth Smart devices. No matter the manufacturer. 


Of course, coachsmart also serves as a regular bike computer. Depending on the sensors it shows heartbeat, speed, distance, cadence, power-out and overall time.




General functions

  • Mirror of your smartphone
  • Bridge to all Bluetooth Smart devices, no matter the manufacturer
  • Digital ANT+ bike computer

Bike functions

  • Current speed
  • Speed higher or lower than average speed
  • Heart Rate
  • Cadence
  • Power output
  • Distance
  • Overall time

Additional function during mirror mode

  • Navigation
  • Altitude
  • Lap time
  • Smartphone time

Data transmission

  • Digital ANT+ radio transmission
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Smart for mirror and bridge mode

Technical specs

  • Waterproof until 3 Bar
  • Battery CR2032

In the box

  • coachtsmart 
  • twistlock holder


macro2sx speed sensor

macro2sx cad cadence sensor

2sx com speed and cadence sensor

heart 2feel xs heart rate belt

ANT+remote Lenkerfernbedienung



Installation & manual coachsmart

Manual for using the coachsmart with apps and Bluetooth Smart devices

Reviews & images

Test verdicts

  • very flexible, extremely compatible with almost all sensors and devices; nearly completely self-explanatory (Tour magazine 5-2015)

  • very good device, intuitive operation, most functions cover all your needs at most rides. Also useful: If you connect your smartphone it will transfer Bluetooth-data to your cycling computer"
    + easy-to-read-display
    + intuitively to operate while cycling
    + good holder
    - display cannot be adjusted
    (Roadbike magazine 6-2015)