mixpro is the ultimate sportswatch. Using stable ANT+ technology, mixpro can be equipped with four additional sensors. Measure your running speed with the maxrun speed sensor. For biking simply use the macro2sx sensor to measure speed or the  macro2sx cad sensor to measure cadence. Within seconds your watch can become a perfectly capable bike computer. After your workout you may download the collected data with maxpc USB wireless adapter. The complimentary traininglab software helps you analyze your training.

Training with heart rate

The adjustable heart frequency zone which is shown by a visual indicator, enables a continuous control of your heart rate. Always have an eye on your workout and stay in the ideal training range.

Run differently

mixpro is a unique allrounder. Together with the optional maxrun speed pod you can measure your speed and distance precisely. The automatic, distance-specific lap-counting always delivers exact lap times. To collect even more precise data, it's possible to calibrate the 3-dimensional acceleration sensor up to 99 % accuracy.

A watch becomes a cyclometer

With the ANT+ speed- and cadence-sensors of the macrox series, you may easily convert your mixpro sportswatch into a bike computer. Just record your bike tours and simply always keep your training in mind.

Best mate of the triathlete

Especially triathletes refer to the mixpro sportswatch as an ideal and unique tool. When changing from running to cycling an automatic switch of the sensor occurs and let's the athlete continue the training without caring for their watch. Just carry on with your excercise or competition, there's no need to think about your watch. Of course, the sensor switch will be recorded in the collected data.

Analyzing with pc

With maxpc USB dongle and the traininglab software you can easily document your training data, analyze your progress or simply have a look at some interesting statistics. Why not compare your current workout with previous training sessions or have a look how the weather influences your performance? The traininglab doesn't cost you anything but is an exciting tool for analysis and further improvement of your strength and endurance.

If you are a POLAR user, the polar-plugin gives you the possibility to transfer your training data from the polar-software or carry on using your polar products with traininglab.

Train like a pro with Trainingsplan.com

Trainingsplan.com provides the possibility to create training schedules which adapt to your needs. If you are ill or have no time for your workout, the schedule will be calculated anew. Many details in your life may influence your training schedule. With an accommodating schedule you'll always make the best out of your workout.

Compatible with 2PEAK

Use 2PEAK to download and analyse training data of our mixpro via MAC or PC.

General functions

  • Time and date
  • 2 time zones
  • Background lightning
  • Alarmclock
  • Battery charge condition

Training functions

  • Stopwatch
  • Lap times (99 laps)
  • Auto lap time within time target 
  • Auto lap time within distance target
  • Countdowntimer (2 timer with series connection and repeat function)

Heart rate functions

  • Current heart rate 
  • Average heart rate 
  • Maximum heart rate
  • Adjustable heart rate zone
  • Passed time under/in/over heart ratezone
  • Optic and acustic heart rate alarm
  • Calorie consumption

Bike functions

  • Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Maximum Speed
  • Riding time
  • Distance
  • Cadence (avg/max)

Running functions

  • Speed / pace  (min/km)
  • Max. speed / Pace (min/km)
  • Average speed / Pace (min/km)
  • Stepcounter / step frequency
  • Average step frequency 
  • Maximum step frequency
  • Running distance

Storing functions

  • Store for up to 7 hours of training data
  • Storing interval: 5 seconds

PC functions (Readout and Settings)

  • Downloading of training data via maxpc ANT+ pc dongle and analysis with trainingtab-Software

Data transmission

  • Speed sensor with digital 2,4 Ghz ANT+ radio transmission
  • Cadence sensor with digital 2,4 Ghz ANT+ radio transmission
  • Heart rate sensor with digital 2,4 Ghz ANT+ radio transmission
  • Running speed pod with digital 2,4 Ghz ANT+ radio transmission

Technical specs

  • 4 buttons
  • Waterproof until 30 meters - no operation under water
  • Battery CR2032
  • mixpro - sportswatch
  • heart2feel x - heart rate belt (mixpro edition)
  • macro2sx speed - speed sensor for cycling (ANT+)
  • maxrun - speed sensor for running (ANT+)
  • maxpc - pc dongle for data readout (ANT+)
  • heart2feel x - heart rate belt (ANT+)
  • macro2sx cad - cadence sensor (ANT+)
  • macro2sx com - Combined cadence- and speed sensor (ANT+)

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