mixfree is a basic fitness watch with simple heart rate functions. Measure the heart rate, the calorie and fat consumption. With the integrated stopwatch and visual pulse-indicator you will always keep an eye on both your training length and your heart rate zone.

Training with heart rate

The adjustable heart frequency zone which is shown by a visual indicator, enables a continuous control of your heart rate. Always have an eye on your workout and stay in the ideal training range.

A way to your dream weight

After a training session mixfree calculates your calorie consumption and the burnt fat. So you will easily find out, how to adapt your diet for a more profitable training or your training for a mor effective diet. With mixfree you'll find yourself on the right path.

Train like a pro with Trainingsplan.com

Trainingsplan.com provides the possibility to create training schedules which adapt to all your needs. If you are ill or have no time for your workout, the schedule will be calculated anew. Many details in your life may influence your training schedule. With an accommodating schedule you'll always make the best out of your workout.

General functions

  • Time
  • Background lightning
  • Battery charge condition


  • Stopwatch


  • Current heart rate
  • Average heart rate 
  • Maximum heart rate
  • Adjustable heart rate zone
  • Passed time under/in/over heart ratezone
  • Calorie consumption
  • Burnt fat (g)

Data transmission

  • heart rate sensor with analogue radio transmission

Technische Merkmale

  • 2 buttons
  • Waterproof until 30 meters - no operation under water 
  • Battery CR2032
  • mixfree - sports watch
  • heart2feel free - heart rate belt
  • heart2feel free - heart rate belt