Multifunctional mixpro sportswatch appeals to ambitious athletes as runners, bikers and triathletes. Due to its broad variety of functions it enables you not only to measure your pulse and speed but can be also transformed into a cyclometer. Becuase of its digital ANT+ technique the transmission works without failure.[mixpro sportswatch]

As a starter model the mixfree sportswatch provides clearly arranged functions like heart rate measurement, calorie consumption or burnt fat. All that makes the mixfree an ideal partner for fitness athletes and beginners. [mixfree sportswatch]

mix sport watches

The mix-series watches are an ideal companion for fitness-orientated sportsmen up to ambitious runners and triathletes, who are searching for an adequate training partner. The included patented heart2feel softbelt is seamless and fits like a second skin. It provides perfect comfort, even when wearing it for several hours.