Light, compact & stylish. At a mere 50 grams the navi2Move discovers new standards. It is one of the smallest and lightest navigation systems on earth and will intrigue you with an gratifying display and an innovative feel.

navi2move is the perfect device for weekend excursions or daytours and does not only fit onto your bike, but comfortably into every pocket.

3 solutions - 1 way

o-synce navi2move with it's unique 3-button-control is usable in three different ways: 1. simply with your hand, 2. mounted onto the macro holder or 3. via macro remote control. These opprotunities do give you maximum freedom, choice and of course security.

Simple2control concept

Differing from usual cyclometers the navi2move can be controlled by a remote control. Without releasing your hands from the handlebars while riding can give you new freedom and comfort.


Just plan a tour by using free map-sources like Googlemaps or Openstreetmap and let you guide by the unique arrow-system. Additional turning arrows or text-information can be added to each of your waypoints. For the way back to your home you can use the BACK TRACK function. Of course you won't miss data like speed, altitude or distance while using your navi2move. An electromagnetic compass will always allow perfect orientation.


In the BACKTRACKING modus you will always find your way home. Additional data like speed, altitude or distance will be gathered for later analysis. Even while pausing your tour the electromagnetic compass shows you the right direction. That means perfect orientation in every case. For planning your route you just use our complimentary software NaviControlCenter.

Navigation functions

  • General navigation
  • Diagrammed waypoint planning navigation (with direct destination or in arranged order)
  • Backtrack navigation (direct destination)
  • Routing navigation with clear arrows

Recording of route & training 

  • Summary of the last 3 recordings
  • Date of recordings 
  • Trip time
  • Remaining time until next waypoint
  • Distance
  • Distance until next waypoint
  • Average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Current altitude
  • Varying altitude
  • Cummulated altitude up and dowm
  • Cummulate totals: Time, distance, altitude (+) and altitude (-)

Technical specs

  • Operating system: Windows
  • Background lightning (after setup)
  • Waypoints Storage up to 100.000 points possible (in 1MBytes Flash Memory configuration)
  • Recharging via mini USB
  • Weight 50 gramms
  • Dimensions 69 x 45 x 15 (mm)
  • Built-in battery
  • Batteryruntime : 9 hours during 100% permanent GPS tracking, 3 days during 3 hours training recording/day, 2,18 month during simple stop watch use.
  • navi2move - GPS navigation device
  • macro2h rc - holder withremote control formountain bikes and trekking bikes

macro2h rc - holder with remote control for mountain bikes and trekking bikes