Small and stylish - this is the urbanfree with handy remote control and backlight! So you will always keep your speed in sight, even in the dark. [urbanfree cyclometer

The urbanhigh free supplies you with additional altitude measurement. That is the reason which makes the cyclometer perfect for tour-bikers and athletes who prefer to ride mountains or challenging terrain. [urbanhigh free cyclometer]

The urban x comes with extensive functions and additionally provides digital ANT+ transmission and - forcepower-measurement. It is compatible with ANT+ sensors of other manufacturers and popular for its interference-free transmission which reaches up to 6m. [urban x cyclometer]

The next relative of urban x offers additional measuring of altitude. The compatibility with ANT+ power meters makes the x-series a training system for professional players without compromises. [urbanhigh x cyclometer]

The urban series

The urban series convinces with its ground breaking concept and an exceptional construction: The holder of the urban series with an intuitive 3-button-remote provides comfortable operation. The intuitive “simple2control” 3-buttons remote control is connected to the holder with a long cable und can be flexibly mounted on the handlebar. This concept will give the cyclist great freedom and comfort – without losing focus on roads and trails.

The urbanfree with handy backlight is the perfect companion for all every day and city cyclists, who want to see the basic functions but don’t want to go out without safety and comfort. The urbanhigh free, urban x & high x offers extensive speed-, heart rate- and power functions as well as a compability to ANT+ power meter (only urbanhigh free, urban x & high x) which provides ideal training management and monitoring.

Using the trainingLab software you may document and analyze your workout in detail (only urbanhigh free, urban x & high x). provides the possibility to create individual training schedules which adapt to your needs and to synchronize your training data with the trainingLab software.