macrofree is the perfect cyclometer for starters. It carries all the necessary functions for your workout and combined with the complimentary traininglab software it gives you the opportunity of an entire workout-documentation for a convenient price. [macrofree cyclometer]

macrohigh free supplies you with additional altitude measurement. That is the reason which makes the cyclometer perfect for tour-bikers and athletes who prefer to ride mountains or challenging terrain. [macrohigh free cyclometer]

macrox comes with equal functions as macrofree and additionally provides digital ANT+ transmission and forcepower-measurement. It is compatible with ANT+ sensors of other manufacturers and popular for its interference-free transmission which reaches up to 6m. [macrox cyclometer]

The next relative of macrox offers additional measuring of altitude. The compatibility with ANT+ power meters makes the x-series a training system for professional players without compromises. [macrohigh x cyclometer]

macro series

The macro series has been designed for starters as well as professional sportsmen, who are looking for a cyclometer which is simple to handle. Heart rate functions and the possibility to readout training data provide ideal control for both athletes and health-conscious people. In combination with the o-synce trainingLab software the macro cyclometers are a perfect tool for the documentation and analysis of everybody's workout.

Even less ambitious cyclists adore the unique way of controlling the device via simple2control remote control. Our maxim is: "Control your cyclometer with keeping your hands where they belong!"

With the online platform you may easily create your own training schedule an synchronize your workout data via our complimentary trainingLab software.