navi2coach & urban series

In front of your stem – our air holder puts your cycling computer in the perfect position on any bike.

Our air holder fits for: 

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Previous models of our navi2coach can be upgraded to fit to the air holder:

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Holder for navi2coach (twist) and navi2coach race edition (twist) at handlebar or at stem on any bike.

twist holder is compatible to: 

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urban2h is our holder for the urban series:

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coach2h for the first generation of navi2coach with backside as shown here looks similar but comes without remote.

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macro series & navi2move

Cyclometer holder for road bike handlebars for the following products:

Product name: macro2h

Flexibly mountable cyclometer holder for mountain bikes and trekking bikes for the following o-synce products:

Product name: macro2h rc

Cyclometer holder with cadence sensor for

Product name: macro2h cad