04/04/13 11:27

New Firmware update for navi2coach!

Category: News

A new Firmware update (V.1.1.0) for navi2coach is available now!

Please connect your navi2coach with the pc and open your trainingLab software (update will start automatically) or follow the instructions at http://www.o-synce.com/faq/index.php?sid=212722&lang=en&action=artikel&cat=7&id=64&artlang=en

Status line is now inverted on the training screens, if no recording is running
- Altitude screen: elevation chart of loaded course (If file has altitude information) or of the current recording between the navigation screen and the Data screen (more details: http://bit.ly/altipro)
- Increased thickness of the track line (navigation screen)
- New data fields: pedal balance last lap avg., NP lap, NP last lap
- removed second decimal digit of the speed data field